KPI Management

KPI Management

Streamline KPI creation, target setting, and data processing. Speed up KPI management with automated data capture and insight generation.
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How Does KPI Management Work?

Lean KPI Creation

Connect Your Data

Automated Reporting

Reduce Your Workload with Automatic Data Capture
Your employees are busy enough without having to spend hours preparing and recording data. Speed up data processing, reporting, and performance evaluation with fully digital KPIs.
Capture. Review. Improve.
Make your KPI management leaner with our smart manufacturing module. Link your KPI system with real-time data collection and analysis. Set up a foundation for your reward and recognition system and change management that will ease the load on you and your employees.

Cascade Your Vision for Improvement

Set up a RACI matrix and KPI targets throughout your manufacturing operations and automatically manage progress.

Track All Your KPI Data

The smart module links seamlessly with IIoT sensors and existing equipment to store all the data you need in one place.

Integrate Performance Management

Link your KPI and performance management processes by applying both O3 modules and taking advantage of the O3 ecosystem.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How Will The KPI Management Module Improve My Organization?
Good KPI management is fundamental to success in manufacturing. Our module facilitates the process by helping you create a KPI tree and RACI matrix. It also automatically collects and analyzes critical data and produces detailed KPI reports.
How Does It Work?

Our KPI management module integrates with your existing operations without disrupting them. The o3 team will help you to identify the key areas for improvement and add them to the system. Then, we will install the necessary hardware and software to get you up and running.

What Do I Need To Do Now?

The best place to start is to book a demo or a discovery call with our resident value engineering expert who has more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing optimization. Book a discovery call here.