Autonomous Maintenance

Autonomous Maintenance

Empower operators to inspect and maintain their machines with ease. A paperless solution that prompts frequent machine monitoring and care.
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How Does Autonomous Maintenance Work?

Easy-To-Use Templates

Automatic Results and Data Capture

Manage Autonomous Maintenance Schedules

Take Better Care of Your Machines and Cut Costs
Encourage your operators to treat the equipment with care and attention with our autonomous maintenance module. No need to rely on clipboards and memory – everything is delivered and captured through mobile devices connected to your local network.
Capture a Wide Range of Data
Take photos and videos or capture hand-drawn sketches. Operators use the built-in features to record any necessary measurements and data, add a digital signature, and store the data. You can configure the module to prompt basic repairs and link to instructional documents or videos.

Real-Time Inspections and Repair

Operators and managers can evaluate any failed inspections immediately and take action.

Automated Workflows

Set up step-by-step inspection routines and automate data capture and report generation.

Assign Work Orders

Managers can add specific work orders to an operator’s schedule with automatic notifications.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How Will The Autonomous Maintenance Module Improve My Organization?

Autonomous maintenance helps to prevent or slow down the deterioration of machinery and equipment by carrying out regular inspections and repair activities. It also promotes a culture of safety and quality within your company. Our module helps to automate the process, save time, and cut costs.

How Does It Work?

You can set up and monitor inspection and maintenance schedules through an easy-to-use interface. Operators will receive alerts on a mobile device to carry out the necessary inspections, capture data, and perform any required maintenance tasks. The module can be set up to instantly provide operators with the instructional documents or videos they need to carry out the tasks quickly and efficiently. All data is stored automatically and in-depth reports can be generated at the click of a button.

What Do I Need To Do Now?

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